How to Get Wod in Minecraft

Let me just start off by saying that I’m the only person to have ever gotten wod in Minecraft. This is not because it’s hard to get, but mainly because after I got it, nobody else has bothered trying to get it. After this brief introduction, let’s get into how you can also get wod in Minecraft.

First of all, you need to know what wod is. For that, I will have to tell a story from the time when I was playing Minecraft. A short while before I got wod in Minecraft, there was a guy on our server named Haximize who had been chasing me around trying to kill me for no good reason. Sometimes he would fly around, other times he would keep his distance and shoot arrows at me. At one point I got too far away from him and had to use the /home command 3 times before he found me again. He was relentless, really pushy about wanting to kill me, so much that I had trouble believing that it wasn’t just a part of the game. I mean… why would someone want to waste so much time just killing me?

How to upgrade gear in wod

I have a big number of diamond pickaxes so I selected one and used the /give command to give it to him. He was very grateful and stopped chasing me around. The next day I received a message from somebody who said that he didn’t know how he would ever pay me back for his life. After replying to the message, I quickly realized that it wasn’t from Haximize because I had never told him my username.

This all took place on a Creative server where almost nobody knew each other’s usernames, so there was no way for me to know who the message had come from. That is when I started wondering if maybe wod did not stand for what I thought it did.

Wod: What does it mean?

I started looking up wod online and found out that it didn’t mean “What other Daniel”, but rather, “Wow, Daniel”. It was a phrase used mainly in the game World of Warcraft to express surprise and/or disbelief at another player.

Find a spot to start your game

After realizing this, I came up with a theory that maybe you could get wod in Minecraft by surprising another player. And so began my journey to find a way to do just that. First of all, the server I was on had a rule saying that if you were going to kill somebody, they must be able to defend themselves or else it’s not allowed. This is why I gave the diamond pick to Haximize in the first place because he had been unable to kill me due to my strength.

This basically meant that there was no way for me to get wod in Minecraft without exploiting a glitch or using creative mode. It seemed like I wasn’t going to be able to really surprise anybody, but I refused to give up.

I put my mind to work and came up with yet another theory: If you can’t kill somebody else without them fighting back, why don’t you just do something so surprising that they can’t even fight back? This proved a little tricky because the idea of somebody doing something so surprising that you can’t even move doesn’t make much sense.

Get some resources (wood, stone, iron)

After a while I finally realized that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make sense. While it may be surprising for somebody to teleport behind you, if the person watching knew how to use commands, they would just type /tp [username] and it would be all over. After going through this thought process, I came up with another idea: what if you flew up high in the air and teleported behind somebody? This would be so surprising that they wouldn’t know what to do. I tried it out and indeed, it worked!


I was finally able to get wod in Minecraft and it felt great. I got my friend (Nebzore) to try it out too and we had fun surprising people on the server. It didn’t really feel like killing them, more like playing a prank on them, and everybody thought it was very funny. A few days later somebody else figured out how to do the same thing and the world was not as funny anymore.

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